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The Decisions taken by the SPRFMO Commission to date, in accordance with Article 16 of the Convention, are listed in the table below:
(The SPRFMO Conservation and Management Measures, CMMs, are on their respective webpage)


Decision reference/year

Decision type


Entry into force

Decision 18-2024  Meeting Decision 18-2024 Labour Standards on Fishing Vessels in the SPRFMO Convention Area 04/05/2024
Decision 17-2024 Meeting Decision 17-2024 to Protect the Salas y Gomez and Nazca ridges area 04/05/2024
Decision 16-2023 Intersessional Decision 16-2023 Intersessional Decision regarding limited changes to CMM 14e-2023 Exploratory Toothfish EU 11/02/2024
Decision 15-2023 Intersessional Decision to amend CMM 11-2023 on High Seas Boarding and Inspection Procedures for the SPRFMO 03/01/2024
Decision 14-2023 Intersessional  Decision to elect Mr Luis Molledo as Chairperson of the Commission until the end of the 12th Annual Meeting 05/11/2023
Decision 13-2023 Meeting  Decision on Climate Change 22/05/2023
Decision 12-2021 Intersessional  Decision to agree on the format, dates, and schedule for the
10th SPRFMO Annual Meeting
Decision 11-2021 Intersessional  Decision to insert a new paragraph into CMM 14e-2021 17/10/2021
Decision 10-2021 Intersessional  Decision to Adopt the COMM9 Meeting Report 11/08/2021
Decision 09-2021 Intersessional  Decision to Extend the duties of the Acting Executive Secretary 15/04/2021
Decision 08-2020 Intersessional Decision to agree on format and dates of COMM9-CTC8-FAC8 25/02/2021
Decision 07-2020 Intersessional  Decision regarding the 9th SPRFMO Annual Meeting 22/12/2020
Decision 06-2024 Meeting  Second SPRFMO Performance Review 04/05/2024
Decision 05-2024 Meeting Decision on a Procedure for the Recruitment of the Executive Secretary 04/05/2024
Decision 04-2014 Meeting  Appointment of Officers for subsidiary bodies in the second year of the Commission  04/05/2014
Decision 03-2013 Meeting  Granting of temporary Cooperating Non-Contracting Party status 02/06/2013
Decision 02-2018 Meeting  Rules for Cooperating Non-Contracting Parties (CNCPs) 05/05/2018
Decision 01-2013 Meeting  Appointment of Officers for subsidiary bodies in the first year of the Commission  02/06/2013