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This page contains the external meetings attended by SPRFMO staff and officials on behalf of the organisation in 2023.

  • NAFO-45: The Faroe Islands attended the 45th NAFO Commission Meeting, from 18 to 22 September 2023, observing the meeting on behalf of SPRFMO. Ms Durita Lamhauge Jóansdóttir, (former) Head of Delegation of the Faroe Islands to SPRFMO, has provided the relevant summary report of the meeting.
  • IMCS NETWORK - 7th GFETW: The Compliance Manager attended the 7th Global Fisheries Enforcement Training Workshop in Halifax, Canada from 31 July to 4th August 2023 [presentations can be viewed through the links on the meeting website]. The agenda covered a range of relevant topics of interest to  MCS practitioners from around the globe (including participants representing SPRFMO Members). The Compliance Manager participated in the panel session on "Regional Cooperation and Partnerships" and networked with other participants (including SPRFMO and PPFCN Members).  Additionally, in advance of the GFETW, the Compliance Manager attended a meeting of RFMO Secretariat staff responsible for Compliance (hosted by the NAFO Secretariat) and also attended a separate meeting, organized by PEW, for Compliance Chairs and Compliance Managers on RFMO Compliance Processes. Linked here is the final meeting report for the PEW meeting. SPRFMO (Compliance Manager), as a RFMO member of the IMCS Network,  attended the IMCS "Executive Committee and General Membership" meeting on 02 August 2023 in Halifax. The GFETW has moved to triennial workshops with the 8th GFETW being planned for 2026 (with the date/location tbd). 

  • FAO Fisheries and Resources Monitoring (FIRMS) 13th Steering Committee (FSC13) Meeting: The Data Manager attended the FAO Fisheries and Resources Monitoring (FIRMS) 13th Steering Committee (FSC13) meeting in London, UK from 26 – 30 June. SPRFMO is a partner of FIRMS and has responsibilities to support the FIRMS objectives through data submissions on the fisheries, stocks, and marine resources of the SPRFMO Convention Area. These data have been updated, based on the most available information from SPRFMO Members. The FIRMS website provides valuable information on global fisheries resources and may be a useful tool for Members/CNCPs. A full report from the meeting can be found here [soon to be published], as well as the meeting site with associated papers and presentations.

  • FAO Coordinated Working Parties (CWP) Intersessional Meeting: The CWP held it’s intersessional meeting from 28-30 June in London, UK in advance of the 28th session of the CWP on Fishery Statistics (anticipated to be held in 2025). The SPRFMO Data Manager attended the meeting as the timing and location coincided with the FIRMS FSC13 meeting. The CWP aims to develop global standards and to harmonize fishery statistics, data collection, and terminology. There are several CWP working groups that may be of interest for the SPRFMO Secretariat to participate in in the coming years. In addition, there have been important updates to CWP standards (e.g., ISSCFV, ASFIS codes) that are relevant for SPRFMO data collection (i.e., CMM 02). SPRFMO may want to consider becoming a party of the CWP moving forward, to keep updated with data harmonization efforts and to contribute to these efforts from the unique SPRFMO perspective. A full report of this meeting can be found here [not yet published].

  • International Monitoring Control and Surveillance Network (IMCS) Briefing: The IMCS Network (Chair Gary Orr, NZ MPI and the Secretariat staff) held their planning meetings in NZ. Following which, they offered an update to relevant interested parties on the upcoming IMCS Network activities (including the upcoming GFETW in Halifax) as well as an overview of the Joint Analytical Cell (JAC) initiative. The Executive Secretary and the Compliance Manager attended the meeting on 28 April 2023 at the NZ MPI offices in Wellington.
  • Pan-Pacific Fisheries Compliance Network (PPFCN): The PPFCN is an informal group of RFMO Compliance Officers supported by the International Monitoring, Control, Surveillance (IMCS) Network that was formed late in 2020. An Operational Framework providing guidance for the group has been established. To help foster better networking between RFMO colleagues in the Pacific, the group intends to convene virtually for short sessions 3-4 times per year. The Compliance Manager is the principal  SPRFMO participant (and is also the current Chairperson of the PPFCN).  For 2023, a virtual meeting was convened 19 April followed by a face-to-face discussion with other Compliance Managers on the margins of the GFETW in July for those attending the GFETW in Halifax. 
  • International Fisheries Observer and Monitoring Conference (IFOMC): The Data and Compliance Managers attended the 10th IFOMC held in Hobart, Australia from 6-10 March 2023. This conference brought together participants  from around the globe to discuss aspects of monitoring fisheries, including: fisheries observers, electronic monitoring and reporting technologies, safety at-sea, compliance and law enforcement, fishery certifications, etc. Dr Tiffany Vidal presented on International collaboration to standardise high seas monitoring; the extended abstract is available here. This conference was extremely valuable from a science, data, and compliance perspective. During and outside of the conference sessions SPRFMO participants were able to interact with colleagues and participants from CCAMLR, WCPFC, NPFC, NOAA, MRAG, CapMarine, ACAP, tech consulting companies and others to discuss relevant issues and strengthen collaborations. Click for the full Proceedings of the 10th International Fisheries Observer and Monitoring Conference

For information about the external meetings attended by staff and officials in previous years, please check the list below: