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IUU is the abbreviation of "Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated". According to the SPRFMO CMM 04, (IUU Vessel List) paragraph 1, vessels are presumed to have carried out IUU fishing activities if they:

  • Engage in fishing for fishery resources and are not registered on the SPRFMO list of vessels authorised to fish in the Convention Area;
  • Engage in fishing for fishery resources whose flag State has exhausted or has no quotas, catch limit or effort allocation, including, if applicable, those received from another Member or CNCP under relevant SPRFMO conservation and management measures;
  • Do not record and/or report their catches or catch related data made in the Convention Area, or make false reports;
  • Take on board, tranship or land undersized fish in a way that undermines SPRFMO conservation and management measures;
  • Engage in fishing during closed fishing periods or in closed areas, without or after exhaustion of a quota or beyond a closed depth, in contravention of SPRFMO conservation and management measures;
  • Use prohibited or non-compliant fishing gear in a way that undermines SPRFMO conservation and management measures;
  • Tranship with, or participate in joint operations such as re-supply or re-fuelling vessels included in the IUU Vessel List;
  • Are without nationality and engage in fishing for fisheries resources in the Convention Area, and/or
  • Engage in fishing activities contrary to any other SPRFMO conservation and management measures.


* 2022 SPRFMO IUU Vessel List *

Combating IUU fishing is an important objective of the SPRFMO as is reflected in numerous articles of its Convention, in particular Articles 8, 23, 24, 25, 27 and 31. According to Article 27, the Commission is tasked with addressing IUU fishing activities and adopting appropriate measures to prevent, deter and eliminate IUU fishing, such as the development of an IUU vessel list, so that owners and operators of vessels engaging in such activities are deprived of the benefits accruing from those activities.

Non-Contracting Parties to the SPRFMO Convention are invited to become party to the Convention or to agree to cooperate fully in the implementation of conservation and management measures adopted by the Commission (see also Decision 02, Rules for Cooperating Non-Contracting Parties).

CMM 04 establishes the SPRFMO IUU Vessel List. It outlines the process by which the Commission Members decide if a vessel suspected of IUU fishing activities should be included in the SPRFMO IUU List. In 2022, the SPRFMO IUU List does not contain any vessels.


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