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Since 2016, every year, the Commission adopts a Compliance Report in accordance with CMM 10 (Compliance Monitoring Scheme, CMS). The purpose of the SPRFMO CMS is to ensure that Members and Cooperating Non-Contracting Parties (CNCPs) implement and comply with obligations arising under the Convention and CMMs adopted by the Commission. The CMS is designed to:

  • Assess compliance by Members and CNCPs with their obligations under the Convention and CMMs;
  • Identify areas in which technical assistance or capacity building may be needed to assist Members and CNCPs to achieve compliance;
  • Identify aspects of CMMs which may require improvement or amendment to facilitate or advance their implementation. These findings and subsequent actions shall not necessarily replace any review procedure established in accordance with Article 30 of the Convention;
  • Take action against non-compliance through preventive and remedial options that should include a range of possible responses that take into account the reasons for and degree of non-compliance, as assigned in accordance with paragraph 15 (a).

The Final Compliance Report is adopted by the Commission based on the Members' and CNCP's Implementation Reports (in accordance with Article 24(2) of the SPRFMO Convention) and on information available to the Secretariat.

Final Compliance Reports