Jack mackerel school of fish


Article 8c of the Convention identifies the development of rules for the collection, verification, reporting, storing and dissemination of data as one of the functions of the Commission. Under Article 23 of the Convention this information is the base for the conservation and management of fishery resources, non-target and associated or dependent species and the protection of the marine ecosystems in which those resources occur, as well as for the elimination or reduction of IUU fishing and its negative impact on those resources.

A number of CMMs set out how this data will be collected, including in particular:

The SPRFMO database holds a large repository of data relating to fisheries within the Convention Area. CMM 02 (Data standards) requires that the Secretariat compiles and disseminates public domain level data, including information regarding vessels of Members and CNCPs that are currently authorised to fish in the SPRFMO Convention Area.