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COMM4 Meeting Papers

Please note that proposals to amend the SPRFMO CMMs are included under the meeting page of the Compliance and Technical Committee.

  • COMM-04-01 Provisional
  • COMM-04-01_supp Annotated Agenda
  • COMM-04-02 4th Commission Meeting Document List
  • COMM-04-03 Status of the Convention (Depositary)
  • COMM-04-04 Draft Annual Report of the Commission
  • COMM-04-05 Report of the 3rd Scientific Committee meeting
  • COMM-04-06 Report of the 3rd Finance & Administration Committee meeting
  • COMM-04-07 Report of the 3rd Compliance & Technical Committee meeting
  • COMM-04-08 Access to evidence leading to IUU listing
  • COMM-04-09 Memorandum of Understanding with CCAMLR
  • COMM-04-10 NZ Proposed Amendment to CMM 1.04




Information Papers


Working Papers