Jack mackerel school of fish

COMM9 Meeting Documents

The documents discussed by the 9th Annual Meeting of the SPRFMO Commission are listed below.

Plenary Documents 

COMM9-Doc01_rev1     Provisional Agenda
COMM9-Doc02              Annotated Provisional COMM9 Agenda
COMM9-Doc03_rev1     List of COMM meeting documents
COMM9-Doc04              Annual Meeting program and timetables
COMM9-Doc05              Status of the SPRFMO Convention for COMM9 (NZ)
COMM9-Doc06              2021 Scientific Committee Multi-Annual Plan



(Note: All the proposals (as of 18th December 2020) are available in zip format here).

Amendments to existing CMMs
(Provided in clean PDF and tracked word versions)
COMM9-Prop01           Clean   Tracked      Proposal to Amend CMM 01 Jack Mackerel (PE)
COMM9-Prop02           Clean   Tracked      Proposal to Amend CMM 03 Bottom Fishing (AU)
COMM9-Prop03           Clean   Tracked      Proposal to Amend CMM 03 Bottom Fishing (EU)
COMM9-Prop04           Clean   Tracked      Proposal to Amend CMM 03 Bottom Fishing (NZ)
COMM9-Prop05           Clean   Tracked      Proposal to Amend CMM 03a Deepwater Species (NZ)
COMM9-Prop06           Clean   Tracked      Proposal to Amend CMM 05 Record of Vessels (PE)
COMM9-Prop06.1        Clean                       Background Information to Prop06 (19 Jan)
COMM9-Prop07           Clean   Tracked      Proposal to Amend CMM 06 VMS (CL)
COMM9-Prop08           Clean   Tracked      Proposal to Amend CMM 07 Port Inspections (CL) 
COMM9-Prop09           Clean   Tracked      Proposal to Amend CMM 11 Boarding and Inspection (US)
COMM9-Prop10_rev1  Clean   Tracked      Proposal to Amend CMM 12 Transhipment (EC) (19 Jan)
COMM9-Prop11           Clean   Tracked      Proposal to Amend CMM 13 Exploratory Fisheries (CL) 
COMM9-Prop12           Clean   Tracked      Proposal to Amend CMM 14b Exploratory Potting (CK)
COMM9-Prop13           Clean   Tracked      Proposal to Amend CMM 16 Observer Programme (PE)
COMM9-Prop13.1        Clean                       Background Information to Prop13 
COMM9-Prop14           Clean   Tracked      Proposal to Amend CMM 18 Squid (EC)
COMM9-Prop15           Clean   Tracked      Proposal to Amend CMM 18 Squid (EU)


New CMMs
(Provided in clean word versions)
COMM9-Prop16           Clean   New CMM for an Exploratory Toothfish Fishery by the EU (EU)
COMM9-Prop17           Clean   New CMM for Vessels Markings and Identification (US)

Observer Papers

(Provided in PDF versions)
COMM9-Obs01            CALAMASUR Submission to SPRFMO to seek an investigation of potential IUU fishing activity
COMM9-Obs02            HSFG Information paper for SPRFMO Commission Meeting
COMM9-Obs03            FAO-GFW submission to the 9th SPRFMO Annual Meeting
COMM9-Obs04            FAO IUU estimation methodology series
COMM9-Obs05            DSCC Briefing Paper for the 9th Meeting of the Commission of the SPRFMO


Information Papers

(Provided in PDF versions)
COMM9-Inf01               Catch Data Submitted to the Secretariat