11th Commission 2023

Jack mackerel school of fish

11th SPRFMO Annual Meeting

Manta, Ecuador
Wyndham Manta Sail Plaza Hotel
7 February to 17 February 2023

The SPRFMO Annual Meeting comprises three meetings: the Commission Meeting, the Compliance and Technical Committee meeting, and the Finance and Administration Committee meeting.

The 11th Meeting of the SPRFMO Commission (COMM11) will be held in Manta, Ecuador, from 13 to 17 February 2023. Draft provisional agendas became available, and registrations opened, on 9 November 2022.

The 10th Meeting of the Compliance and Technical Committee (CTC10) will take place on 7-10 February 2023, while the 10th meeting of the Finance and Administration Committee (FAC10) will take place on 9, 10 and 14 February.

Information for delegates is now available.

If you have any questions regarding any of these key dates and deadlines, please contact the Secretariat.

To submit Proposals, Word versions of all the CMMs and regulations are available on the Members section. Please bear in mind that all proposals are required to be submitted with a Proposal Summary cover page.

COMM11-Doc01_rev1 Provisional COMM11 Agenda
COMM11-Doc02 Annotated Provisional Agenda
COMM11-Doc03_rev1 List of COMM11 Meeting Documents
COMM11-Doc04 COMM11 Meeting Schedule
COMM11-Doc05 Status of the SPRFMO Convention for COMM11 (NZ)
COMM11-Doc06 Scientific Committee Multi-Annual Plan
COMM11-Doc07 Report of the Bottom Fishing Intersessional Working Group
COMM11-Doc08 Report on Cooperation Efforts and MoUs

Submission deadline: 25 December 2022
Posted on website: 30 December 2022

Reference Title Word PDF Author
COMM11-Prop01 Prop to amend CMM06 VMS Tracked Clean SEC
COMM11-Prop02 Prop to amend CMM08 Gillnets Tracked Clean SEC
COMM11-Prop03 Prop to amend CMM05 Record of Vessels Tracked Clean SEC
COMM11-Prop04 Prop to review CMM07 Port Inspections   Tracked Clean SEC
COMM11-Prop05 Prop to review CMM10 CMS  Tracked Clean SEC
COMM11-Prop06_rev1 Prop to review CMM12 Transhipments  Tracked Clean SEC
COMM11-Prop07 Prop to review CMM13 Exploratory Fisheries  Tracked Clean SEC
COMM11-Prop08 Prop to amend CMM03 Bottom Fishing Tracked Clean CK
COMM11-Prop09 Prop to amend CMM14b CK Exploratory Fishery Tracked Clean CK
COMM11-Prop10 Prop to amend CMM12 Transhipments  Tracked Clean EC
COMM11-Prop11 Prop to amend CMM18 Squid   Tracked Clean EC 
COMM11-Prop12 Prop to amend CMM03a Deepwater Species  Tracked Clean NZ 
COMM11-Prop12.1 Explanatory note for Prop12 Deepwater Species    Clean  NZ 
COMM11-Prop13 Prop to amend CMM18 Squid  Tracked Clean EU 
COMM11-Prop14_rev1 Prop to amend CMM14e EU Exploratory Fishery (rev1 - 04 Feb 2023) Tracked Clean EU
COMM11-Prop15 Prop to amend CMM16 Observer Programme  Tracked Clean PE
COMM11-Prop16 Prop to amend CMM11 Boarding and Inspection  Tracked Clean US
COMM11-Prop17 Prop to amend CMM18 Squid Tracked Clean US 
COMM11-Prop18 Prop for a Decision on Climate Change     Clean US 
COMM11-Prop19 Prop to amend Decision 06 Performance Review  Tracked Clean SEC
COMM11-Prop20 Prop to amend CMM18 Squid Tracked Clean  CN
COMM11-Prop21 Prop to amend CMM01 Jack mackerel   Tracked  Clean  KR
COMM11-Prop22 Prop to amend CMM18 Squid  Tracked  Clean  KR 


Submission deadline: 14 January 2023
Posted on website: 16 January 2023

COMM11-Obs01 CALAMASUR Proposal for the use of Spanish in SPRFMO
COMM11-Obs02 CALAMASUR Proposal for a temporary moratorium for the squid fishery
COMM11-Obs03 CALAMASUR Proposal to strengthen transhipment in the squid fishery
COMM11-Obs04 ACAP Update to SPRFMO on reducing seabird bycatch in fisheries
COMM11-Obs05 HSFG submission to the SPRFMO Commission
COMM11-Obs06 ANCORS Towards responsible transparency: understanding why fishers are cautious about sharing data
COMM11-Obs07 DSCC, Greenpeace, ECONZ - Joint eNGO briefing paper for the 11th SPRFMO Meeting
COMM11-Obs08 UNEP Common Oceans Cross-sectoral Project update to SPRFMO
COMM11-Obs09 PEW Compliance Recommendations for consideration by the SPRFMO Commission
Reference Document title
COMM11-Inf01_rev2 Catch data submitted to the Secretariat (rev2 - 01 Feb 2023)