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10th CTC 2023

Manta, Ecuador
7 February to 10 February 2023
Ms Katherine Bernal


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The 10th meeting of the Compliance and Technical Committee (CTC10) took place from 7 to 10 February 2023 in Manta, Ecuador.  

The meeting report is now available.


Reference Document title
CTC10-Doc01_rev1 Provisional CTC10 Agenda
CTC10-Doc02 Annotated CTC10 Agenda
CTC10-Doc03  List of CTC10 meeting documents
CTC10-Doc04 Implementation Report: SPRFMO Fisheries
CTC10-Doc05 Implementation Report: Commission Record of Vessels
CTC10-Doc06 Implementation Report: Commission VMS
CTC10-Doc07  Implementation Report: Port Inspections
CTC10-Doc08 Implementation Report: Observer Programme 
CTC10-Doc09 RESTRICTED - Draft Compliance Report (revised)
CTC10-Doc09.1  RESTRICTED - Draft Compliance Rep-VMS Issues Summary 01 Oct 2020 to 30 Sep 2022
CTC10-Doc10 Follow-up actions related to Compliance
CTC10-Doc11 RESTRICTED – Draft IUU Vessel List (Recirculated) & Current IUU Vessel List
CTC10-Doc12 Applications for CNCP Status for 2023
CTC10-Doc13 CTC10 Meeting Schedule