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10th FAC 2023

Manta, Ecuador
9 February to 14 February 2023
Mr Jimmy Villavicencio

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The 10th meeting of the Finance and Administration Committee (FAC10) took place on 9,10 and 14 February 2023 in Manta, Ecuador.


Reference Document Title
FAC10-Doc01 Provisional FAC10 Agenda
FAC10-Doc02 Annotated FAC10 Agenda
FAC10-Doc03_rev1 List of FAC10 meeting documents
FAC10-Doc04_rev2 SPRFMO Report of Income
FAC10-Doc05 Annual Financial Statements for the Year ending 30 June 2022
FAC10-Doc05.1 Statement of transfers of appropriations and write offs
FAC10-Doc05.2 SPRFMO Contingency Fund
FAC10-Doc05.3 Status of Developing States Fund
FAC10-Doc05.4 Status of Scientific Support Fund
FAC10-Doc06 Draft Budget for FY2023-24 and forecast budget for 2024-25
FAC10-Doc06.1 Secretariat Travel plan for Financial year 2023-24
FAC10-Doc06.2 Data Management Update and Development
FAC10-Doc07_rev1 Calculation of contributions for FY2023-24 and Estimate for FY2024-25
FAC10-Doc08 RESTRICTED Selection of Auditors
FAC10-Doc09 Budget formula 
FAC10-Doc10 Secretariat’s 2022 Administrative Report
FAC10-Doc11_rev1 RESTRICTED Staff Performance Review Summary  
FAC10-Doc12 Secretariat Staffing Strategy
FAC10-Doc13 Potential hosting for future SPRFMO Meetings
FAC10-Doc14 RESTRICTED Staff Association report 
FAC10-Doc14.1 Withdrawn
FAC10-Doc15 FAC10 Meeting Schedule