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7th FAC 2020

The 7th meeting of the SPRFMO Finance and Administration Committee (FAC7) was held in Port Vila, Vanuatu, on 14-18 February 2020, along with the SPRFMO Commission Meeting.

The FAC7-Report is now available (uploaded on 10 March 2020) 


FAC7-Doc01_rev1    Provisional FAC Agenda
FAC7-Doc02      Annotated FAC Agenda
FAC7-Doc03      List of meeting documents (FAC)
FAC7-Doc04      Annual Financial Statements for the Year ending 30 June 2019
FAC7-Doc04.1   Statement of transfers of appropriations (FR3.3)
FAC7-Doc04.2   SPRFMO Contingency Fund (FR, Annex 2)
FAC7-Doc04.3   Status of SC (Scientific Support) Fund & Developing States Fund
FAC7-Doc05      SPRFMO Report of Income
FAC7-Doc05.1   Voluntary Contributions
FAC7-Doc06      RESTRICTED Selection and Appointment of Independent Auditors
FAC7-Doc07      Implementation of FAC Performance Review Recommendations
FAC7-Doc08      Draft Budget for Financial Year 2020-21 and forecast Budget for 2021-22
FAC7-Doc08.1   SPRFMO Secretariat Travel Plan for Financial Year 2020-2021
FAC7-Doc08.2   Explanatory note regarding database developments and update
FAC7-Doc08.3   Estimate of additional financial impacts or influence on the Secretariat work arising from proposed CMMs
FAC7-Doc08.4   Workload assessment Cooperation with other RFMOs
FAC7-Doc09      Calculation of contributions for FY 2020-21 and estimate of contributions for FY 2021-22
FAC7-Doc10      Secretariat Report on the 2019 Intersessional Period Activities
FAC7-Doc10.1   Monitoring of the Secretariat's Tasks as per COMM 7 Decisions
FAC7-Doc10.2   Staff Association Updates
FAC7-Doc11      Secretariat Communication Plan
FAC7-Doc12      RESTRICTED Secretariat Structure Review
FAC7-Doc13      RESTRICTED Staff Performance Review Summary
FAC7-Doc14      RESTRICTED Secondment Assessment
FAC7-Doc14.1   RESTRICTED End of Secondment Informative Report
FAC7-Doc15      Potential hosting Commission meetings 2022 & 2023 and SC2020, 2021 & 2022

Proposals to be discussed at FAC
(Provided in clean PDF and tracked word versions if appropriate)
COMM8-Prop23      Clean   Tracked     Staff Regulations  of the Commission (Sec)
COMM8-Prop24      Clean   Tracked     Policy for Secondments and Internships (Sec)
COMM8-Prop25      Clean   Tracked     Rules of Procedure for the Commission (Sec)