Jack mackerel school of fish

18 January to 22 January 2022
Mr Jimmy Villavicencio

The 9th meeting of the SPRFMO Finance and Administration Committee (FAC9) took place on 18, 21 and 22 January 2022 (NZDT). 


FAC9-Doc01 FAC9 Provisional Agenda
FAC9-Doc02_rev1 Annotated FAC9 Agenda
FAC9-Doc03_rev1 List of FAC9 Meeting Documents
FAC9-Doc04_rev1 SPRFMO Report of Income
FAC9-Doc05 Annual Financial Statements for the Year ending 30 June 2021
FAC9-Doc05.1 Statement of Transfers of Appropriations (FR3.3)
FAC9-Doc05.2 SPRFMO Contingency Fund (FR, Annex 2)
FAC9-Doc05.3 Status of Scientific Support Fund Developing States Fund
FAC9-Doc06 Draft Budget for Financial Year 2022-23 and Forecast Budget for 2023-24
FAC9-Doc06.1 SPRFMO Secretariat Travel Plan for Financial Year 2022-23
FAC9-Doc07_rev1 Calculation of Contributions FY2022-23 and Estimate of Contributions FY2023-24
FAC9-Doc08_rev1 FAC Paper on Management of the SC and DS funds
FAC9-Doc09_rev2 Secretariat’s 2021 Administrative Report
FAC9-Doc10 Development of a Secretariat Strategic Plan and Associated Staffing Strategy
FAC9-Doc11 RESTRICTED Staff Performance Review Summary
FAC9-Doc12 Potential hosting for future SPRFMO Meetings
COMM10-Obs01 FAO ABNJ Deep-sea Fisheries Project Update to SPRFMO
COMM10-Obs01.1 FAO ABNJ Deep-sea Fisheries Project presentation
COMM10-Obs06 UNEP ABNJ Cross-sectoral Project