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11th SPRFMO SC Meeting (SC11)

Panama City, Panama
Hotel Las Américas Golden Tower
11 September to 16 September 2023
Dr Jim Ianelli


The eleventh meeting of the SPRFMO Scientific Committee (SC11) was held in Panama City, Panama, from 11 to 16 September 2023; no preceding workshops were held, but a pre-SC report drafting workshop on 8 and 9 September (Panama time zone) was carried out via Microsoft Teams; this workshop was intended for Working Group Chairs, SC Chairs, and the Secretariat, only. The venue for the meeting was the Hotel Las Américas Golden Tower Panamá.

The Chairperson of the SC, Dr Jim Ianelli (USA), led the meeting. 

Information for participants such as venue details and visa requirements was available to participants. *Note: this information is no longer current*  

Please see the Protocol for submissions to the SPRFMO SC, as well as the Guidelines for Annual Reports to the SPRFMO SC. The deadline to submit Annual Reports and SC-related meeting papers was 12 August 2023. Papers were made publicly available on the website on 18 August.

The adopted meeting report was made available on this page on 16 October 2023. The jack mackerel technical annex (SC11-Report Annex 07) is available. A group photo is available; to access the photo gallery of the SC11, use this link to Flickr.

All late papers were accepted. Meeting documents discussed by the SC11 are available as follows:


Reference Title
SC11-Doc01_rev1       Provisional SC11 Agenda
SC11-Doc02_rev1 Annotated SC11 Agenda
SC11-Doc03_rev6 SC11 List of Documents
SC11-Doc04_rev1 SC11 Meeting schedule
SC11-Doc05 2024 Multi Annual Work Plan
SC11-Doc06_rev1 2023 intersessional SC web meetings (SEC)
SC11-Doc07 Secretariat's Science related activities (SEC)
SC11-Doc08 Status of the SC (scientific support) fund (SEC)
SC11-Doc09 Call for interest to organise forthcoming SC meetings (SEC)
SC11-Doc10 A summary of current SPRFMO bycatch records (Including species of concern) (SEC)
SC11-Doc11 Patterns in species composition associated with targeting jack mackerel, redbait and/or alfonsino (Species Composition Task Team)
SC11-Doc12 Data Working Group Update (SEC)
SC11-Doc13 Annual report - Faroe Islands
SC11-Doc14 Annual report - United States of America
SC11-Doc15 Annual report - Russian Federation
SC11-Doc16 Annual report - New Zealand
SC11-Doc17 Annual report - Curaçao
SC11-Doc18 Annual report - Korea
SC11-Doc19 Annual report - Panama
SC11-Doc20 Annual report - Cuba
SC11-Doc21 Annual report - Australia
SC11-Doc22 Annual report - Cook Islands
SC11-Doc23 Annual report - Chinese Taipei
SC11-Doc24 Annual report - European Union
SC11-Doc25 Annual report - Chile (Jack Mackerel)
SC11-Doc26 Annual report - Chile (Squid)
SC11-Doc27 Annual report - Peru (SPRFMO Area)
SC11-Doc28 Annual report - Peru (ANJ)
SC11-Doc29_rev1 Annual report - China (Squid)
SC11-Doc30 Annual report - China (Observer Programme)
SC11-Doc31 Annual report - Ecuador (Jack Mackerel)
SC11-Doc32 Annual report - Ecuador (Squid)
SC11-Doc33 Annual report - Belize


Reference Title
SC11-JM01_rev2 CJM Catch history and predicted 2023 catches (Annex 1_rev2) (SEC)
SC11-JM02 Jack Mackerel Connectivity Research - Application for SPRFMO Funding (Connectivity Task Group)
SC11-JM03 PFA selfsampling report for the SPRFMO Science Committee 2023 (EUR)
SC11-JM04 Comparison of EU self-sampling and observer data with the objective to supplement observer data for non-observed quarters (EUR)
SC11-JM05 Ageing update of CJM and estimation of age error Matrix (CHL)
SC11-JM06_rev1 Effort Creep in the JM south central fleet in Chile (CHL)
SC11-JM07 A Bayesian spatio-temporal approach for the standardization of CPUE in the Trachurus murphyi fishery of central-southern Chile (CHL)
SC11-JM08 Instructions for Sampling JM for population study (PER)
SC11-JM09 Reproductive aspects of JM in Peru (PER)
SC11-JM10 Update up to June 2022 of the Chilean jack mackerel abundance index based on the catch per fishing set (CHL)
SC11-JM11 Update of the Chilean Jack Mackerel CPUE abundance index based on catch by fishing trip in the south-central Chile (CHL)
SC11-JM12 CJM abundance index estimated by spatiotemporal SPDE-based GLM and compare with other CPUE indices (CHL)
SC11-JM13 Spatio-temporal dynamics of Chilean Jack Mackerel fishery off south-central Chile in 2023 (CHL)
SC11-JM14 Population genomics and environmental associations in Trachurus murphyi in the South Pacific Ocean (CHL)
SC11-JM15 Hydroacoustic assessment of Chilean Jack Mackerel carried out in the north and south-central area of Chile (2023)
SC11-JM16 Conditioning of OMs and exploratory evaluation of candidate management procedures for SPRFMO JM (JMWG-MSE)


Reference Title
SC11-DW01_rev1 Cumulative Bottom Fishery Impact Assessment for Australian and New Zealand bottom fisheries, 2023 (AUS/NZL)
SC11-DW02_rev1 Cook Islands FOP for an exploratory dropline/jigging fishery (COK)
SC11-DW03_rev3 Australia proposal for New Exploratory Fishery (AUS)
SC11-DW04 European Union proposal for New Exploratory Fishery (EUR)
SC11-DW05 Modification of Bottom Trawl Management Area Boundaries to Achieve a 70% Protection Target for VME Indicator Taxa (NZL)
SC11-DW06 Evaluating the orange roughy population and wider ecosystem impacts of carrying forward of TACs over multiple years (NZL)
SC11-DW07_rev1 Modelling vulnerable marine ecosystem (VME) indicator taxa (NZL)
SC11-DW08 Withdrawn
SC11-DW09 NZ Update on development of identification guide for benthic bycatch (NZL)
SC11-DW10 Development of a process to review all recent and historical benthic VME bycatch data (NZL)
SC11-DW11_rev1 Progress report on NZs Exploratory fishery for toothfish (NZL)
SC11-DW12 Cook Islands Exploratory Potting Fishery (2019-2023) (COK)
SC11-DW13 Cook Islands Updated Fisheries Operation Plan for exploratory potting (with checklist) (COK)
SC11-DW14 European Union Exploratory Toothfish Year 2 Cruise Report (EUR)


Reference Title
SC11-SQ01_rev1 Update of Squid Datasets held by the Secretariat (SEC)
SC11-SQ02 Genetic population structure and genetic diversity of Dosidicus gigas along the Pacific Ocean (CHL)
SC11-SQ03 Determination of size ranges by phenotypic group of D. gigas in Peruvian waters, based on the size-maturity analysis (PER)
SC11-SQ04 Comments on estimates of natural mortality of jumbo squid Dosidicus gigas (PER)
SC11-SQ05 Protocol for biometric and biological sampling of the D gigas to be used in SPRFMO (PER)
SC11-SQ06 Population genetic analysis of the D gigas along its distribution range based on mtDNA ND2 gene (PER)
SC11-SQ07 Update of the Stochastic Production model in Continuous Time (SPiCT) apply to D gigas in the FAO area 87 (CHL)
SC11-SQ08 Developing state-space biomass dynamics model with different time steps to assess the jumbo flying squid in Southeast Pacific Ocean (CHN)


Reference Title
SC11-HM01 Abundance of jack mackerel and chub mackerel in the Peruvian sea between 2020 and 2023 (PER)
SC11-HM02 Habitat conditions of jack mackerel (Trachurus murphyi) and chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus) in the Peruvian sea between 2021 and 2023 (PER)
SC11-HM03 Identifying seasonal patterns in the 3d habitat suitability related to the dynamics of the artisanal fleet of D gigas in the Peruvian ANJ (PER)
SC11-HM04_rev1 Seasonal oceanographic preferent ranges of jack mackerel habitat off the Peruvian coast between 1992 and 2023 (PER)
SC11-HM05 Spatial distribution and biomass estimate of Chilean jack mackerel off South central Chile 2023 (CHL)


Reference Title
SC11-Obs01 HSFG Science Comment regarding procedural anomalies in the proposed changes to CMM 03 Bottom Fishing and a path back to rational evidence-based management
SC11-Obs02 HSFG Technical Response BFIA 
SC11-Obs03_rev1 Regional Assessment of the Jumbo Squid in the South-Eastern Pacific with Peruvian, Chilean and Asian fleets data and Impacts of El Niño Environmental Cycle: 1969 to 2020
SC11-Obs04 Review of the SPRFMO Seabird Bycatch and Data Standards CMMs Against ACAP Advice
SC11-Obs05 DSCC Comments to the AUS/NZ Cumulative BFIA


Reference Title
SC11-Inf01 Climate Change discussions at the SC11 (USA)
SC11-Inf02 Alternative Management proposal for bottom fishing (HSFG, originally proposed 2012)


Reference Title
SC11-WP01 Live discussion document for papers Q&A
SC11-WP02_rev2 Propsed Assessment Simulation Task Group for the jumbo flying squid (clean version)
SC11-WP03 Scientific Staff Analysis and Proposal
SC11-WP04 Winker ICCAT Linking Jabba to Age Structure Model
SC11-WP05 Exploratory Checklists (new fisheries, AU, CK, EU)
SC11-WP06 Coastal “El Niño” and its impacts on the Peruvian marine ecosystem
SC11-WP07 Squid Simulator version 1.1
SC11-WP08 Chile statement regarding development of the MSE for jack mackerel
SC11-WP09 China statement regarding pilot project for squid
SC11-WP10 Peru and Russian Federation joint statement on MSE development