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The tenth meeting of the SPRFMO Scientific Committee (SC10) will be the first SPRFMO meeting to be held in hybrid format.  

The SC10 will be hosted by the Republic of Korea, in Seoul, between 26 September and 2 October 2022, and at the same time will be accessible for participants attending remotely.

Following last year's practice, SC coordination and preparatory meetings are taking place already and will continue to happen in the lead up to the SC10.

The deadline to submit Annual Reports and meeting documents to the SC meeting is 27 August. 

Non-governmental organisations wanting to participate at the SC10 as an Observer must notify the SPRFMO Executive Secretary ([email protected]) no later than 70 days before the meeting (i.e., 18 July 2022), including an explanation of their interest in the work of SPRFMO, in accordance with  Rule 9.2 the SPRFMO Rules of Procedure 

The SC Chairperson is Dr Jim Ianelli, and the Vice-chairperson is Dr Niels Hintzen.

If you have any questions about Science in SPRFMO, please contact Data and Science Manager, Dr Tiffany Vidal ([email protected]); if you have any questions about this and any other meetings of SPRFMO, please contact Ms Susana Delgado ([email protected]), Coordination and Communications Officer.