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The SPRFMO Commission is seeking an additional external consultancy to undertake the review and evaluation of the observer program of one Member. The deadline for submission of proposals: 26 April 2024, 5pm NZST.

SPRFMO has established an Observer Programme, as required by Article 28 of its Convention, through the adoption of Conservation and Management Measure (CMM) 16 Observer Programme.

Under CMM 16-2024, all Members and CNCPs are required to establish a national observer programme and ensure they meet prescribed observer coverage levels. Members and CNCPs are required to utilise independent and impartial observers sourced from national observer programmes or service providers who must be accredited. CMM 16-2024 prescribes, inter alia, the process for attaining accreditation and the minimum standards which must be met to receive accreditation.

Guidelines for the tender and conditions for the contract:

Tenders are expected to contain a detailed description including itemised pricing for accrediting the national observer program under the SPRFMO Observer Program. All prices must be expressed in New Zealand dollars, exclusive of taxes, and should specify any variable or fixed costs.

The tender must include the following information:

a) Full breakdown of costs;
b) Detailed outline of experience, including of relevant personnel, and technical capacity to review and evaluate the national observer programme;
c) Demonstrated understanding of SPRFMO’s needs, particularly in relation to relevant CMMs such as CMM 16-2024 – Observer Programme and CMM 02-2020 Data Standards.
d) Proposed approach for undertaking the evaluation, including scheduling and timeframes; an
e) Confirmation that the tenderer will maintain the security and confidentiality of any information provided to it by the Secretariat, a Member, CNCP or service provider in its capacity as SPRFMO Observer Programme Accreditation Evaluator.

Submission Requirements:

The deadline for proposals is 5pm NZST 26 April 2024. Proposals from interested tenderers must be received by via email to [email protected] no later than this deadline.

If a proposal includes information which can only be provided in hard copy, tenderers must post such information to the SPRFMO Secretariat using registered post by the deadline (Physical address: c/o SPRFMO, Level 26 Plimmer Towers, 2-6 Gilmer Terrace, Wellington 6011, New Zealand).

The SPRFMO Secretariat will acknowledge receipt of all proposals received and any hard copy information received in accordance with paragraph 2.

All proposals must be received in English and in a format compatible with Microsoft Office (e.g., Microsoft Word, Excel) and/or Adobe Reader (e.g.,.PDF files). Hard copy information provided pursuant to paragraph 2 may be exempt from this requirement.

All measurements must be in New Zealand units of measurements. All proposals must identify a designated Contact Point (including a name, phone number and email address).

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