Jack mackerel school of fish

Following the conclusion of the process to recruit a new staff member for the role of Data Manager with the SPRFMO Secretariat, the successful candidate was Mr Bernard Vigga.

In joining the Secretariat, Mr Vigga brings his professional experience in fisheries-related data management, including work in projects of the Pacific Community (SPC) and in different international postings on long-term contracts.

Bernard’s background in Computer Science gives him specialised knowledge in Data Analytics and proficiency in data visualization. He is greatly aware of the critical importance of comprehensive and high-quality data, data analysis, and the systems in place to facilitate data reporting; he also understands the importance of presenting complex technical information in a non- technical way to address diverse stakeholder needs.

Bernard started his work with the Secretariat in November 2023. The Secretariat staff are happy to have him in the office already and are assisting him in his settling in Wellington alongside his family.

Members, CNCPs and Observers may address any data-related communications to Mr Bernard Vigga on his SPRFMO email address ([email protected]), with a copy to the Secretariat’s general data mailbox ([email protected]).