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The Scientific Committee (SC) is established by Article 10 of the SPRFMO Convention and has the following functions:

  • to plan, conduct and review scientific assessments of the status of fishery resources;
  • provide advice and recommendations to the Commission on assessments (including precautionary and other reference points) and management strategies;
  • provide advice and recommendations to the Commission and its subsidiary bodies on the impact of fishing on the marine ecosystems (including on vulnerable marine ecosystems, VMEs);
  • encourage and promote cooperation in scientific research.

A number of Conservation and Management Measures have specific requirements requiring input from the Scientific Committee, including:

  • CMM 01 (Trachurus murphyi)
  • CMM 02 (Data Standards)
  • CMM 03 (Bottom Fishing)
  • CMM 03a (Deepwater Species)
  • CMM 09 (Seabirds)
  • CMM 13, 14a, 14b, 14d, 14e, 14f, and 14g (Exploratory fisheries)
  • CMM 16 (Observer Programme)
  • CMM 18 (Squid)

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