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SPRFMO Commission Meetings

The Meetings of the SPRFMO Commission are listed in this section.

The Commission is the Decision making body of the SPRFMO. It was established under Article 7 of the Convention and shall exercise the following functions:

  • adopt conservation and management measures (CMMs) to achieve the objective of this Convention;
  • determine the nature and extent of participation in fishing for fishery resources;
  • develop rules for the collection, verification, reporting, storing and dissemination of data;
  • promote the conduct of scientific research to improve knowledge of fishery resources and marine ecosystems in the Convention Area and of the same fishery resources in adjacent waters under national jurisdiction;
  • cooperate and exchange data with members of the Commission and with relevant organisations, coastal States, territories and possessions;
  • promote compatibility of CMMs in the Convention Area, adjacent areas under national jurisdiction and adjacent areas of high seas;
  • develop and establish effective monitoring, control, surveillance, compliance and enforcement procedures;
  • develop processes in accordance with international law to assess flag State performance with respect to the implementation of their obligations under this Convention and adopt proposals, if appropriate, to promote implementation of such obligations;
  • adopt measures to prevent, deter and eliminate IUU fishing;
  • develop rules for cooperating non-Contracting Party status under this Convention;
  • review the effectiveness of the provisions of this Convention and the conservation and management measures adopted by the Commission;
  • supervise the organisational, administrative, financial and other internal affairs of the Organisation;
  • guide the Commission’s subsidiary bodies in their work;
  • adopt by consensus the budget of the Organisation, the financial regulations of the Organisation and any amendments thereto, and its rules of procedure, which may include procedures for taking and recording decisions intersessionally;
  • adopt and amend as necessary any other regulations necessary for the exercise of its functions and those of its subsidiary bodies; and
  • exercise any other function and take any other decisions that may be necessary for achieving the objective of this Convention. 

The SPRFMO Annual Meeting comprises three meetings: the Commission meeting, the Compliance and Technical Committee meeting, and the Finance and Administration meeting.